MITS - Material Information Translation Site




MITS is an online multilingual database to assist Art Handlers, Registrars and Conservators worldwide in choosing correct materials for the packing of all mediums of art.

The database has detailed information about different packing materials including product names, manufacturers, properties, applications and more.

Archival qualities will be a special focus.

It also offers translations into six languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish. More languages may be added in the future. The continuation of this service is discussed.

MITS was founded as a non-profit project under the sponsorships of ICEFAT and its members. Since July 2018 the website is run by Tandem Lagerhaus und Kraftverkehr Kunst GmbH as a non-profit project.

Starting in November 2019 we are replacing most of the existing images to ensure better quality all-over.  

We invite art handlers, registrars, conservators, and all interested users to share in the development of this unique and useful tool.

If you are interested to support our work, please contact